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Letter from the President – 1/7/14

Just because you asked…

Here is the scoop about the upcoming deadline for CCO Certification.

The answer is a simple one. Crane operators involved in construction will be required to be certified by November 10, 2014 (in the state of PA you are not allowed to operate a crane unless you also hold your PA State License – which requires CCO certification first) per OSHA 1926.1427.

Even if you lift lighter loads, it is the crane’s maximum-rated capacity that must be 2,000 lbs. or less for you to be exempt from the requirements of 1926.1427. Employers are still responsible for training their operators on the safe operation of the type of equipment the operator will be using.

To pass the challenging written test and practical evaluations required to earn an OSHA-recognized certification, employers and crane operators need to choose wisely when selecting both a recognized certification and a complete and highly qualified preparatory training company.

Don’t let your company be part of next years’ statistics. Call today and make sure you are in compliance… Not only with your CCO certification needs, but for all your initial training and refreshers on all heavy equipment operator training, including crane inspections.

Call today for your free estimate at 610-321-2679. I would be happy to help and I hope to hear from you soon.

Stay safe, stay up to date,

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