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Letter from the President – 1/21/14

Just because you asked…

Here is the scoop about OSHA’s intent to extend crane operator compliance deadline for CCO Certification.

OSHA has announced that it will propose to extend the compliance date by three years to November 10, 2017.

The time extension will give the industry (contractors and certifying entities) time to meet compliance directive. We are pleased with OSHA’s announcement about this extension, and we will continue to cooperate with the agency to determine the best course of action to protect all workers and contractors.

While the Crane Regulation has been extended to 2017, please remember that the rule falls to your state (i.e., PA, NJ, NY all require all operators to be certified NOW)! Also please check the OSHA guidelines on some training that you may not be up to date on. Make sure you are in compliance.

Employer should keep a record of all safety training for each employee. Records can provide evidence of the employer’s good faith and compliance with OSHA standards. Employees must be able to clearly demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary skills or knowledge to function safely in the workplace.

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