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Letter from the President – 2/4/18

Just because you asked…

With the movie Captain Phillips fresh on my mind, I’ve been thinking about another sea captain I happen to know. Captain Joe resides in Puerto Rico, but works in the Gulf of Mexico aboard a petroleum tanker. He has a lot of responsibilities that fill his day with stress. Captain Joe works for a company that wants to keep their captains up-to-date and knowledgeable, and possibly reduce their daily stress levels. So, Captain Joe got on a plane and came to us to take our class to become CCO certified. For several days, he sat in our classroom and learned what it would take to get his Small Hydraulic Crane (TSS) certification.

Captain Joe paid us a very high compliment. In a letter he wrote to us following his training, he stated we were never boring – he didn’t need a caffeine fix to keep him alert and engaged during the course! Our instructors are among the best in the industry and can provide on-site training as well as the corporate classroom experience.

We offer a wide variety of certifications here at Total Equipment Training including Small Fixed Cab Hydraulic Crane, Large Swing Hydraulic Crane, Rigger 1, and Signal Person; all of which would be useful for Captain Joe if he ever wants to come back again to further his education.

Call us today at 610-321-2679 to set up your Certification training. I would be happy to help and I hope to hear from you soon.

Stay safe, stay up-to-date.

Barb Fullman



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