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Letter from the President – 2/18/14

Just because you asked…

It is vitally important that all NCCCO / CCO Certified operators keep note of their certification expiration date in order to keep your NCCCO / CCO license current. The NCCCO / CCO Certification process can be long and tedious. Thankfully, the certification is good for five year. Unfortunately, to maintain your NCCCO / CCO Certification, you must update it before the deadline. Recertification candidates must complete all recertification requirements during the 12 months prior to their certification expiration date.

All NCCCO / CCO Certification candidates are permitted two attempts to pass their Recertification Core and Specialty Exams before their certification expires. Candidates may take their Recertification Written Exams up to one year prior to their certification’s expiration date. The Recertification Written Exam consists of a 40 multiple-choice question Core Examination, with a time limit of 45 minutes. Each Specialty Examination consists of 10 multiple-choice questions, with a 30 minute time limit for each exam. Four of the questions in each Specialty Exam are load chart questions. When you pass this recertification exam, you will receive your updated Certification Card, which is good for another five years.

Total Equipment Training wants to help you keep current on your NCCCO / CCO Certification. It is important that you recertify well before the expiration date approaches.

Call us today at 610-321-2679 to set up your Certification / Recertification training. I would be happy to help and I hope to hear from you soon.

Stay safe, stay up to date.

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