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Letter from the President – 4/29/14

Just because you asked…

We at Total Equipment Training are concerned about the OSHA regulation 1926.1427(b)(2) which states: “An operator will be deemed qualified to operate a particular piece of equipment if the operator is certified under paragraph (b) [Certification by an accredited crane operator testing organization] of this section for that type and capacity of equipment or for higher-capacity equipment of that type. If no accredited testing agency offers certification examinations for a particular type and/or capacity of equipment, an operator will be deemed qualified to operate that equipment if the operator has been certified for the type/capacity that is most similar to that equipment and for which a certification examination is available. The operator’s certificate must state the type/capacity of equipment for which the operator is certified.”

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) accepts the operator training and certification training provided by Total Equipment Training trainers as being appropriate for taking NCCCO certification tests for all types of crane operators. Our trainers have had extensive training themselves in the operation of these cranes, and other personnel associated with crane operation, including Riggers and Signal Persons. We at Total Equipment Training take pride in our trainers, who travel around the world to provide employers with the best possible training for their employees.

We are not willing to pass on to the workplace anyone who has not passed our rigorous training and testing programs. We do this because we care about the people we train. Total Equipment Training is dedicated to employee safety.

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Stay safe, stay up to date.

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