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Letter from the President – 5/12/14

Just because you asked…

A natural avalanche swept down the hillside of State Route 410 over Chinook Pass, Washington state, on Thursday, April 24th, trapping an employee of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) inside a bulldozer for several hours. WSDOT crews were completing routine snow clearing when the avalanche occurred An employee, working in the bulldozer, about a mile east of the Mount Ranier summit, immediately radioed to crews that snow had enveloped his bulldozer to the top of the cab and he was trapped. Fortunately, he wasn’t injured and WSDOT avalanche crews were able to quickly free him from the bulldozer.

Due to continued avalanche danger, WSDOT, following safety protocols, took every precaution necessary to keep avalanche crew employees as safe as possible during the rescue mission. The bulldozer operator was well-protected inside his machine. The bulldozer had enough ventilation to get fresh air to the operator so that he was safe to remain where he was until crews could free him.

Total Equipment Training is dedicated to keeping all heavy equipment operators safe inside their machines. Our training includes coverage of all OSHA, ANSI and ASME Regulations and Standards. Our trainers are committed to bringing our exceptional instruction and qualification preparation for Bulldozer operation to companies which employ experienced and novice operators.

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