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Letter from the President – 5/26/14

Just because you asked…

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has introduced a technical guidance on major inspections for Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) intended to keep equipment safe beyond the manufacturers’ projected machine life expectancy. This document outlines a plan to validate structural integrity and the functionality of critical components of the AWP. The proposal can determine if a machine is within safe design and use criteria beyond its manufacturers’ design life. Design life is defined as “the duration determined by the manufacturer for which a structural component may be used for its intended purpose with recommended maintenance.” However, the growing demand for used machines, and the retention of machines past their expected usability, has led the IPAF to reiterate that AWP equipment owners need to fulfill their legal obligations to ensure that these machines are maintained in good repair and safe working order by authorizing regular inspections, maintenance programs, and continuing refresher training in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations and standards. According to Chris Wraith, IPAF Technical and Safety executive, “We need to recognize that there are machines in use which have been in service for ten years or more, yet may not have reached their design life with regard to usage, and others have reached their design life prior to ten years because of intense usage or use in a severe operating environment.”

Total Equipment Training can provide the necessary inspections and training through our knowledgeable and qualified technical staff. We can bring our Inspectors and Trainers anywhere in the world to help maintain Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) and provide training to operators. It is our goal for machine operators to be safe in or on all of their equipment.

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