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Letter from the President – 6/9/14

Just because you asked…

On May 21, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana on Interstate 69, a Boom Truck that was installing an overhead ramp sign toppled sideways into traffic and crushed a passing vehicle. I was unable to find out any more information about the occupants of the crushed vehicle, but it still concerns me as a heavy equipment training professional; safety is always my first concern.

The number of fatal and near fatal accidents involving Boom Trucks seems to be on the increase; in May, 2014 alone, I found reports of six accidents involving Boom Trucks. Perhaps, the problem is that too many operators become complacent about observing all the necessary preliminaries before starting their machines. Or, perhaps they haven’t kept up on the refresher safety training that would keep them up to date. At Total Equipment Training, we are dedicated to keeping all of our trainees safe inside of their Boom Trucks and other heavy equipment. We can tailor a Boom Truck Training program for all of your employees to operate your vehicles in the safest way possible.

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Stay safe, stay up to date.

Barb Fullman,


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