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Letter from the President – 6/23/14

Just because you asked…

Last year Industrial Training International (ITI) hosted a webinar about Rigger accidents and Rigger Safety. ITI stated that 81% of accidents they had observed involved synthetic rigging. The demonstration made clear that synthetic sling accidents, typically lacerations or abrasions, were due to the lack of sling protection utilized during a lift. 34% of those polled confirmed that they “have inadequate materials” or “don’t use any” at all on the job site. In ITI’s accident investigation experience, this has been a leading cause of the synthetic sling failures. ITI’s investigations make it clear that “the type of rigging does not heighten or lower the risk, what really counts is the degree to which users are knowledgeable and competent to complete their lifting activities safely. “

Unfortunately, the numbers have not changed very much since then. Even with OSHA standards at their highest in years, there are still too many Rigger accidents that could have been prevented with more training.

Total Equipment Training is dedicated to keeping heavy equipment operators safe in the workplace. That is why, we offer world-class Rigger I and II training. We want all of those who take our classes at their job site to be knowledgeable and competent to complete any lifting activity.

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Stay safe, stay up to date.

Barb Fullman,


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