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Letter from the President – 7/21/14

Just because you asked…..

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), the Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA), the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), and the American Rental Association (ARA) joined forces to produce two best practices documents for the Aerial Work Platform (AWP) equipment industry:

The Statement of Best Practices of General Training and Familiarization for Aerial Work Platform Equipment identifies the roles and responsibilities of each person who is involved with the equipment for general training and familiarization for AWPs, and provides best practices and guidelines for their implementation.

The Statement of Best Practices of Personal Fall Protection Systems for Aerial Work Platform Equipment is a general guide for those who want to understand basic fall protection and the best practices for the use of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) systems on AWP equipment. It is also intended to assist operators with an overview of applicable regulations and standards, and incorporating recognized industry “Best Practices.”

In 2013, the AWP industry again joined forces to create the Statement of Best Practices for Workplace Risk Assessment and Aerial Work Platform Equipment Selection. This can assist in identifying workplace hazards, offer guidance for conducting a thorough workplace risk assessment, and implementing control measures, as well as assist in the selection of the most appropriate AWP equipment for the work involved.

Today, Total Equipment Training has the best Aerial Work Platform training program available. We can provide onsite classroom and hands-on training for your equipment and operators that is timely, appropriate, and up to all industry standards. Our goal is to ensure that every AWP operator who comes to us has all the information they will need to stay safe on their equipment.

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Stay safe, stay up to date.

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