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Letter from the President – 9/29/14

Just because you asked…..

This is homecoming week for many high schools across this country. College football is in full swing. Many of these games have amateur videographers using Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) or personnel lifts on Bucket Trucks to get them high above the crowds in order to get the “perfect picture.”

Organizations that allow workers, including students who are employees, use scissor lifts to film events and functions, must address the hazards associated with this equipment. These hazards can include the lift falling over or a worker slipping off the platform if the lift is:

  • used during bad weather or high winds
  • positioned on soft or uneven ground, or on weak utility covers (e.g., underground sprinkler valve boxes)
  • overloaded with heavy objects
  • used with guardrails removed
  • driven over uneven, unstable ground, or if the surface is in poor condition
  • driven with the lift in an elevated position
  • used with brakes that are not properly set
  • A worker could also be electrocuted if the lift makes contact with electrical lines.

Total Equipment Training wants all of these games to be happy occasions, even for those who go home disappointed, because of the knowledge that everyone who went to the game was safe and no one got hurt improperly using equipment. Our AWP and Scaffolding Safety training includes:

  • Personnel safety – fall protection and PPE, Federal and manufacturers rules, Electrical hazards
  • Traveling when personnel are in basket
  • Position of equipment (ground conditions)

Call us today at 610-321-2679. I would be happy to help and I hope to hear from you soon.

Stay safe, stay up to date.

Barb Fullman,


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