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Letter from the President – 10/13/14

Just because you asked…..

Have you ever wondered just exactly what it means to be CCO certified? A Certified Crane Operator is not necessarily CCO certified. Only the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) can provide the widely adopted and recognized CCO certification. While there are other companies that claim to certify crane operators, only one organization –NCCCO – has been federally recognized by OSHA to provide CCO certification. For nearly twenty years, successful completion of the CCO certification requirements has let the world know that a crane operator is certified to the high standards of NCCCO.

Total Equipment Training has trainers that have been qualified to provide the pre-test training necessary for a CCO applicant to take this all-important NCCCO certification test. Our trainers can go anywhere in the world they are needed to provide this training. We are proud of our track record for aiding trainees in obtaining this coveted documentation, and we can provide this same high level of standard for your employees.

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