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Letter from the President – 11/24/14

Just because you asked…..

The Crane & Rigging Conference and the Industrial Crane & Hoist Conference (CRC/ICHC) will return to Houston on December 3-4, 2014. This independent conference offers education and networking opportunities for safety and risk managers, crane and rigging supervisors, lift directors, project managers, and others responsible for managing crane and rigging operations in construction and heavy industry. One of the topics of this conference is “Overhead Crane Inspection and Repair Techniques, Below-the-Hook Gear, and Challenges of Overhead Lifting in Outdoor Environments.”

While some crane and rigging safety topics are enduring, others are witnesses of industry trends, changes in standards and regulations, new technology, and swings in labor demands. Overhead Cranes are seeing such advancements in technology as explosion-proof hoists and cranes which will be integral to the role material handling plays in hazardous environments.

At Total Equipment Training you will receive a tailored Overhead Crane training program that is specific to your employee’s abilities and your equipment requirements. At Total Equipment Training we are paying close attention to advancements in technology, especially if they are going to make those working in the construction and heavy industries safer. We are all about safety – in fact – it’s our motto.

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Stay safe, stay up to date.

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