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Letter from the President – 12/08/14

Just because you asked…..

So often, I have talked about accidents and tragedies that could have been avoided, if only the persons involved had been properly trained in the use of their equipment. Then, I come across one of these stories that lift me up and make me grateful that I work in an industry that has this kind of persons….

Alaskans are dependent on air travel, because of the great distances that need to be covered. On a windy day this past spring, the pilot of this small aircraft was blown off-course, and into some trees where he became entangled. Dangling more than 50 feet in the air, he waited for rescue. Imagine his surprise when it wasn’t firemen, but nearby Linemen from Matanuska Electric Association, who brought him safely down to earth. Utility linemen are used to working up high around power lines, so these Bucket Truck operators definitely knew what they were doing when they liberated the trapped pilot. I salute the crew who were able to stabilize the plane by attaching a lift strap to the tail section, tie that off to the trunk of one of the trees, and then hook the pilot into a safety harness and help him down to the lift basket.

Bucket Truck operators need to be CCO certified according to OSHA regulations, and I am sure this crew was certified. Total Equipment Training is a company that offers this type of certification training anywhere in the world they may need to go. Maybe not up to the treetops, but definitely in your onsite classroom through a program tailored for your specific heavy equipment, including Bucket Trucks.

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