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Letter from the President – 12/22/14

Barb FullmanJust because you asked…..

“Tweel” may sound like a nonsense word, but what it has done for tire technology is definitely not nonsense. The tweel is an airless radial tire which has multiple applications in heavy equipment use industries. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the tweel-using Skid Steer or Forklift can now avoid tire puncture incidents. This year, Dr. Tim Rhyne, a senior research fellow with Michelin Americas Research and Development Corporation, was selected as a 2014 recipient of the editors at Engineering News-Record (ENR)’s award for individuals “with the passion, drive and courage to tackle the most difficult challenges and make our world a better place.” First developed in 2005, the tweel may soon become an industry standard installation for smaller pieces of heavy equipment like the Skid Steer and Forklift.

Total Equipment Training researches all technological advancements with interest, because such developments affect the way we teach out training programs to reflect the changes in those industries which use heavy equipment. Our trainers are up to speed on these changes and incorporate this information into our tailored-for-you programs.

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