Heavy Equipment Training Online Videos During the Coronavirus Outbreak Makes Sense!

Heavy Equipment Training Online Videos During the Coronavirus Outbreak Makes Sense!

Coronavirus Outbreak

Why use Videos for Heavy Equipment Operator Training?

Safety is always at the forefront when you think of heavy equipment operator training, and this OSHA required training is usually done in person. But these are trying times and the COVID-19 outbreak has necessitated social distancing even when training. Most heavy equipment operators are employed by construction, waste management or are government employees. All these businesses are still functioning during the virus outbreak and these employees still need training.

A good alternative to in-person heavy equipment training is video training, studying using practice tests, and the use of training manuals for consultation and study before the NCCCA required testing. Fortunately, this type of training and these training materials are very cost-effective as well as something your heavy equipment employees can do from home.

Why use Downloadable Manuals and Practice Tests to prepare for NCCCO Certification?

NCCCO tests are necessary for certification which needs to be updated every few years, depending on the type of heavy equipment certification required. Sample NCCCO questions are intended to prepare the operator for the actual questions on the National Operator Certification Program examination. These exams are administered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (CCO). While we have several free practice tests on our website, there are also practice tests in several categories that address all the areas covered by CCO certification examination. For example, you can find practice tests on the Core Exam (GENERAL KNOWLEDGE), Specialties (fixed and swing cab), Fixed Cab Shuttlelift, Fixed Cab Manitex, Swing Cab Grove and Swing Cab Linkbelt. These tests include a study manual, answer key, practice exam, and charts.

How much does Heavy Equipment Operator Training Cost?

The real cost of heavy equipment operator training is not necessarily what you would expect. For instance, a 2-day training program for 10 operators can result in a loss of company production up to $20,000 for a front end loader training session, lost wages of over $6,400, training material cost over $500, travel for the instructor or participants can be over $2,00, and the actual training session can cost over $3000. The total real cost of Front-End Loader training can be over $31,000! Now compare that to the cost of online training videos, and the cost savings can be enormous. Our videos for Front-End Loader training are less than $75 each and there are discounts for additional people. Your operators can even do these training sessions from the comfort and virus-free environment of their own homes.

How long does it take to become a Heavy Equipment Operator?

Our heavy equipment training videos are not just for the new operator. They are also meant as refreshment courses for veteran operators. However, if you are a newbie who wants to start learning the necessary information to become a heavy equipment operator, you should plan on around an 8 to 10-week commitment, with 8 hour days. Our video training classes have the time indicated on each of them, but of course, that does not include the field training which is also required for certification.

Do you need a License to Operate Heavy Equipment?

To operate heavy equipment such as cranes, forklifts, and loaders, you will need the equivalent of a high school diploma, a license and operator certification and 1 to 3 years of industry experience.

Why use Training Materials and Instructors from TET?

Total Equipment Training has been in the business of heavy equipment operator training for over 15 years. It is our mission to help companies minimize risk through cost-effective, proper employee training. We believe every operator should understand the proper operation including best practices and safety of each piece of equipment under their control. We understand heavy equipment and have helped employers keep their equipment up-to-date and inspected. We know this field. We know what operators need, and we have the instructors and training materials that will best fit your specific company needs. Visit our Contact page to get all the details on what we can do for you.

Barb Fullman- CEO of Total Equipment Training
About the Author

As the owner of Total Equipment Training, Barb Fullman has been an active contributor to the heavy equipment training industry for over 23 years. Barb, a Penn State University graduate, is recognized as the highest ranking women-owned heavy equipment training business in the US. As a leading authority and provider of heavy equipment training, training manuals and tests based on OSHA Standards and Regulations, Total Equipment Trainings’ client list is composed of most of the Fortune 1000 companies focusing on energy, construction, heavy highway, and manufacturing.

Barb’s motto is “Stay safe, stay up to date”. She is committed to up-to-date & technically correct training, whether it is via in-person or through our library of online heavy equipment resources. With over 50 OSHA qualifying training topics to choose from with TET, the most popular heavy equipment training subjects are mobile cranes, NCCCO, all “dirt equipment”, rigging, crane inspections, and train-the-trainer.