NCCCO Introduces “It’s Not Worth the Wait” Program for Crane Certification

NCCCO Introduces “It’s Not Worth the Wait” Program for Crane Certification

Back in 2013, Federal OSHA discussed implementing a requirement of certifications for crane operators utilizing cranes with more than 2,000 pounds of lifting capacity by November 2014. This certification requirement would impact the vast majority of heavy equipment service vehicles within the construction industry. However, at the last minute, OSHA decided to delay the certification requirement date until November 2017. Then in 2017, OSHA again announced their delay of the ruling until November 10, 2018.

As a response to the continuous delays and unreliability of OSHA rulings, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) implemented a new public relations campaign this month called “It’s Not Worth the Wait.” Through this campaign, the NCCCO, the nation’s leader in crane operator’s accreditation, aims to drive awareness and understanding of the importance of crane operator training and certification. Although OSHA has delayed the date for crane operator requirements, NCCCO urges employers, crane operators and other personnel who work with or around cranes to not delay their training and certification any longer.

In a press release from the NCCCO, CEO, Graham Brent was quoted saying: “It’s not the first time the industry has had to come to terms with an extension of this rule, but, in the minds of most safety-conscious professionals, this should not be a reason to further delay training and certification. Every day that goes by without certified operators in the cab means those working around cranes are being put at greater risk of a crane incident that need not have happened.”

NCCCO released a series of short videos which feature industry leaders who provide compelling reasoning as to why any responsible, safety-minded employer or employee should not wait to achieve their certifications. Among the reason why you’re better of getting your crane operator certification now are:

  1. For those who wait until the last minute to complete their certification, they may run out of time to get certified as there’s an expected increase in demand nearing November 2018.
  2. As employers, you have the obligation to train your employees. Crane operator certification is a simple way to test the effectiveness of that training.
  3. Certified crane operators can help lower insurance premiums
  4. Many businesses require or simply prefer to work with organizations who utilize certified operators.
  5. Proper training and certification are ultimately the right and safe thing to do.

Mobile Crane Operator Certification with Total Equipment Training

At Total Equipment Training, we are proud to be associated with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators as a training company who specializes in test preparation for the certification exam. In addition, we have NCCCO Examiners on staff to administer the test. Total Equipment Training provides NCCCO exam prep and testing at your site, using your equipment, which not only saves you money but also allows your employees to train and test on the equipment they are used to operating. If your organization is in need of Mobile Crane Operator Certification, contact us today to schedule an on-site training program. Do not wait until the November 2018 deadline because “It’s Not Worth the Wait!”

Barb Fullman- CEO of Total Equipment Training
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