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NCCCO General Test


Welcome to your NCCCO General Test Practice Test. Take the test and find out how well prepared you are!

1) According to OSHA, when traveling a crane at a jobsite with no load under or near power lines, a spotter is required if any part of the crane will get closer than?
2) When picking on rubber, what happens?
3) When is it acceptable for an operator to leave the cab of a crane with a load suspended?
4) According to OSHA and ASME, what is the minimum amount of wraps that must remain on a grooved or smooth hoist or boom hoist drum?
5) When rigging 2 slings into a shackle…
6) What is the purpose of the holding valve on an outrigger jack cylinder?
7) What type of slings should you use when assembling or disassembling a crane?
8) OSHA and ASME regulations require any part of the crane to be how far from a 230kV power line?
9) According to ASME, crawler brakes or lock must be able to…
10) What functions does an LMI or anti-two block stop when a telescoping crane is overloaded or is approaching a two-block condition?
11) When doing two crane picks, what could happen when one crane operator sets their end down before the other crane operator?
12) In what percentage of level must a crane be in to maintain the rated capacities listed in the load chart?
13) With a crane set up out of level, what configuration would have the most effect on the capacity?
14) Using the diagram to the right, what does this reference?        Q14
15) What is this signal?    Q15
16) Nylon slings shall not be used where fumes, vapors, sprays, mist, or liquids and…
17) You are operating a crane with a manual boom tip extended with the powered main boom partially retracted. What procedure would you use to find the gross capacity?
18) ASME B30.5 states what must be labeled on a headache ball or hook block?
19) What is this signal?   Q19
20) What is the approved procedure when the truck crane you are operating does not have a front bumper stabilizer?
21) When installing a wedge socket on rotation-resistant wire rope, how long does the dead end tail need to be?
22) You are operating a crane with a lattice extension and a jib erected with the main boom fully extended, making the pick off the lattice extension. What procedure would you use to calculate the net capacity?
23) What is the ASME standard for personnel platforms?
24) Referencing the illustration below, which assembly is correct?     Q24
25) Define two blocking.
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