Using a Backhoe for Snow Removal

Using a Backhoe for Snow Removal

Snow, although beautiful, can be a hazard to the machines we have come to rely on in our everyday lives. Snow hinders movement, and the accompanying low temperatures demand more energy for heating and insulation. Through the years, it has become necessary to properly move snow off roads to facilitate transport of goods and people, resulting in the invention and development of vehicles and implements dedicated to the task, such as backhoe snow pushers and backhoe plows.

Total Equipment Training offers online and onsite training of backhoe and front end loaders, specifically when it comes to using these vehicles for snow removal.

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Backhoe for snow removal

The Importance of Snow Removal Training

In December 2022, Buffalo, New York experienced a record-making average high of 60 inches of snowfall, with snowstorms piling in over 80 inches of snow in some areas. Such heavy snowfall could have left the city’s residents immobile, were it not for the combined efforts of the private and public sector dispatching snow-clearing vehicles to open up roads by clearing the snow.
Teach yourself or your staff how to use the backhoe or front-end loader for snow removal training. Total Equipment Training will help you get qualified, which may provide your snow plowing services the edge when bidding on city contracts.

What Is a Front-End Backhoe?

A front end backhoe is a loader with an attachment fixed the front of the vehicle. Loaders come in various sizes and are built with manufacturer specifications for their optimal use. The front-end attachments are even more diverse, as they are fitted to aid with specific tasks, from uprooting trees, to moving material, and of course, moving snow.

Regardless of the type of loader to be used (front-end or backhoe) for any task, it is essential to note that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires training and certification for their safe and proper operation. TET has you (and/or your employees) covered thanks to their extensive and qualitative OSHA-compliant backhoe/frontend loader operator training program, that will equip you with the skills to safely operate loaders across the country.

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Attachments for Backhoes in Snow Removal

When it comes to moving or removing snow, there are several approaches that can be taken. As such, several snow-handling attachments have been developed. They include:

  • Backhoe Snow Plow: The plow attachment allows the operator to push the snow to the intended side of the vehicle.
  • Backhoe Snow Pusher: The pusher attachment, although similar to the plow. Only allows the operator to push the snow forward. They often come as buckets, instead of blades, to move a larger amount of snow.
  • Backhoe Snow Blower: Snow blower attachments, as their name suggests, blow the snow up and away in an arc through a nozzle after the snow has been scooped up. This creates more distance between the path being cleared and the snow deposit.
  • Backhoe Snow Blade: These configurable attachments offer more versatility in moving snow. They can be tilted and raised, angled to either side of the vehicle, and even used in a ‘V’ shape. They also come in a variety of shapes, even resulting in hybrids of buckets and blades.

TET is your #1 resource for heavy equipment training. One of the freebies we offer is a backhoe inspection form. Our blog is also an amazing resource for learning more about how to become a backhoe operator.

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Backhoe for snow removal

Cold Weather PPE

Working with snow means working in the cold. Backhoe snow loader operators should take precautions against suffering from frostbite, hypothermia and the like by wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment for the cold. It is essential to be wary of your extremities (hands and feet) as they are the first to suffer cold damage. Some essential PPE for cold conditions include:

  • Gloves/mittens
  • Insulated and water-resistant jackets and leggings/trousers
  • Wool hats
  • Antifogging glasses
  • Warm and water-resistant footwear

It is imperative that a business owner avoids lawsuits from something as preventable as not providing their employees with the proper equipment to protect themselves. Total Equipment Training will offer training on proper use of PPE and also heavy equipment such as the snow pushers and snow removal equipment. Our heavy equipment training is OSHA certified and will come to your work site.

Backhoe Operator Training

There are still several areas across the country experiencing snowfall, but even when the ice thaws and melts away, there will still be great demand for front-end and backhoe loader operators. Total Equipment Training is a nationally recognized, OSHA-compliant organization offering trustworthy, top-tier training for frontend/backhoe loaders for all seasons and work environments, with an emphasis on safety.

Reach out to TET and start enjoying the benefits of their skilled and experienced team. TET will grant credibility and growth opportunities to personnel of all levels in the heavy and construction industries, thanks to their diverse and up-to-date training programs and services.

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