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Total Equipment Training – Mobile Crane Operator Practice Test

Welcome to your Mobile Crane Operator Practice Test. Take the test and find out how well prepared you are!

1. By order of sling capacity, which is the correct answer from highest to lowest?
2. You should always have at least how many wraps on a hoist drum?
3. What is the minimum allowable distance from the crane and power lines under 50kv according to 1926.1400?
4. Eccentric main boom tip reeving causes:
5. When lifting personnel in a manbasket using 6 X 19 wire rope, the minimum safety factor is?
6. What is the safety factor required when using rotation resistant wire rope and lifting personnel in a manbasket?
7. When working near power lines, when is a signal person required?
8. According to ASME B30.23, personnel platform lifts should not be made with wind in excess of:
9. What is the minimum design factor required for a right regular lay main, boom or auxiliary hoist rope?
10. If the SWL of a crane's wire rope is 10,000 lbs using one part, what is the SWL when using 4 parts?
11. What is the minimum pitch diameter for load hoist drum?
12. “Working radius” is defined as the distance from the:
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