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Total Equipment Training – Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Practice Test

Welcome to your Aerial Work Platform Practice Test. Take the test and find out how well prepared you are!

1. An aerial work platform operator's permit must be renewed every
2. The minimum safe operating distance from energized power lines operating at less than 50 kv. and more than 300 volts is:
3. Hydrolic controls shall do or have which of the following:
4. Ground controls or manual descent may only be used
5. Where can the maximum platform capacity rating always be found on the boom lift?
6. When using a safety harness on a boom lift, the tether lanyard is attached from the designated location in the basket:
7. The auxiliary power system of a boom lift should be used
8. Any object can be lifted with an aerial work platform as long as the load chart capacity is not exceeded.
9. How far must you stay away from electrical conductors?
10. It is okay to make modifications to a work platform when doing special jobs as long as the changes are reversed when done with the job.
11. Which of the following is required by OSHA?
12. In an emergency, what control set will override the platform?
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