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Welcome to your Rigging Practice Test. Take the test and find out how well prepared you are!

1) When placing multiple slings in a rigging shackle, the shackle should be placed on the crane with the _____ up.
2) Two cheeks, a pulley and a yoke make up this piece of hardware.
3) A U-shaped piece of rigging hardware is called a ______.
4) This is used to dead end a wire rope and is sometimes also called a becket.
5) Multiple cross-overs of wire rope on a winch drum or a tangle of slings is also known as _____.
6) When the strands and/or the core of the wire rope have recoiled away from the centerline of the wire rope from a sudden release of load tension.
7) A coupler and link which are seated together due to inner link wear
8) A section of a roundsling in which it appears to be unusually swollen and thick next to an area which is reduced in the cross-section.
9) A rigging hand signal showing a "thumb up" with closed fingers indicates
10) The angle from the horizontal should be at least____ when rigging a 2-leg sling bridle in a single wrap choker hitches around an aluminum pipe.
11) Before a rigger can select the length and capacity of slings needed to lift a load, what two things must he know about the load?
12) In sheave applications, the D/d ratio is generally measured by:
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