Bulldozer Operator Training- Total Equipment Training

Total Equipment Training – Bulldozer Training

Grading terrain or moving earth and rock is hard work. To ensure any piece of equipment is being operated safely and correctly, your employees should be qualified to operate the equipment.

Total Equipment Training will tailor your program to be site specific and fit your needs. Through classroom and practical training operators will learn:

  • Weight distribution
  • Rated operating capacity
  • Understanding the transmission and shifting if needed
  • Explain maintenance
  • Importance of safety, efficiency, and productivity
  • Identify the controls and their functions
  • Identification of the safety features and their importance
  • Safe entry and exit
  • Changing functions – if needed
  • Fundamentals of safe movement and maneuvering
  • Efficient traveling and maneuvering techniques
  • Site hazards and conditions for safe operation
  • Shut down procedures
  • Safe service
  • Basic hydraulic fundamentals and maintenance procedures for everyday use
  • Components and safety features
  • Operator controls and steering levers
  • Dump area inspection

Interested in Bulldozer Operator Training?

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