Scaffolding at job sites is a potential hazard to the work environment as fall, falling objects and structural instability are all dangerous possibilities that pose a threat to the workplace, employees, and bystanders. To help alleviate the risk, OSHA requires in-depth scaffolding training for all workers that must use, erect, secure or dismantle scaffolding.
Our on-site scaffolding training program provides a general overview of the necessary safety measures that are required when working with or on scaffolding. During our training programs, employees will learn how to maximize safety for themselves and those around them and identify any potential hazards.

OSHA Scaffolding Certification Requirements

Per the OSHA scaffolding certification guidelines, employers are required to have every employee who works on, erects, secures or dismantles a scaffold trained by a qualified person in order to recognize the hazards associated with the type of scaffold being used and to understand the procedures to minimize hazards. Our on-site scaffolding training program satisfies the training requirements for the OSHA 29 CFR § 1926 Subpart L Scaffolds Safety Standards. Specific topics covered in this training program include:

The Role of the Competent Person

  • Who is the competent person
  • Selecting a competent person
  • What are the responsibilities of the competent person

Pre-assembly Inspection

  • Damage and defects
  • Planking
  • Assembly components
  • Using cross braces
  • Common sense safety

Safe Assembly

  • Height considerations
  • Walkways and platforms
  • Overlapping and proper plank usage

Pre-shift Inspection

  • Plate inspection
  • Crossbracing
  • Secured guardrails
  • Platform abuse
  • Safe work practices
  • Ladder and stairway usage
  • Working in bad weather
  • Area hazards


  • Role of the competent person
  • Identifying deficiencies


  • Area conditions
  • Fall protection


  • OSHA regulations
  • Guardrail types

Personal Fall Arrest Systems

  • Anchorage
  • PFAS components
    – Positioning devices
    – Floor hole covers
    – Safety nets
    – Personal protective equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Types
    – Pre-use inspection
    – Skills test
    – Secure equipment
    – Equipment erection and dismantling summary

Are Your Employees in Need of OSHA Scaffolding Training?

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Online Training Courses
Course DescriptionMediaBook Now
Scaffolding - Safety Training (OSHA)

Covers safe operation, hazards and how they can be avoided, dismantling, erection and much more.

(45 mins) $74.95
Scaffolding - Safety Training (OSHA)
Scaffold Safety

Helps identify scaffold hazards, safety requirements, fall protection, designing and inspecting also about the use of an aerial lift.

(35 mins) $44.95
Scaffold Safety

Scaffolding Training

Scaffolds for Construction

Identifies the many OSHA regulations, scaffold types, hazards, and how to operate and work safely.

(60 mins) $37.95
Scaffolds for Construction
Suspended Scaffolding Safety

Provides information about platforms, planking, the danger of power lines, platform hazards, personal fall arrest systems and the proper way to guard against falling objects.

(45 mins) $39.95
Suspended Scaffolding Safety