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NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Training

NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Training is based on:

  • Core examination with four parts: site, operations, technical knowledge, and load charts.
  • In the NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator exam, there are site, operations, technical knowledge, and manufacturer’s load charts.
  • Basic math skills are necessary.

NCCCO Rigger Level 1 Training

NCCCO Rigger Level 1 training is based on:

  • Scope of rigging activity domain
  • Recognizing the rigging components domain
  • Technical knowledge
  • Inspections
  • Rigging activity execution
  • Basic math skills are necessary
  • For NCCCO Rigger Level 1 exams, there are – pre-use rigging inspection, rigging hitches, rigging connections, and basic knots.

NCCCO Signal Person Training

The NCCCO Signal Person training is based on:

  • Multiple choice questions from the 5 signal domains.
  • The 5 domains include hand signals, voice commands, basic knowledge of crane operations, site-specific situational considerations, and safety regulations and standards.
  • Basic math skills are necessary.

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NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Manual

In the manual of the NCCCO mobile crane operator certification, there are criteria for certification, practical examination categories, how scoring is done, retest policy, certification time frame, recertification, reapplication, etc. Read our in-depth self study guide for the NCCCO Mobile Crane written exam.

How Can NCCCO Study Materials Help With Mobile Crane Operator Training?

NCCCO study materials can help the candidates by taking a preparatory class for practice and confidence. Then the candidate has to completely read the candidate handbook which is the blueprint of the certification examination. Then answer every question in the paper and thoroughly study the loads. The written and practical exam outlines are available on the website’s respective program page which can be downloaded by the candidates. And lastly, it is up to the candidates how they will prepare.

NCCCO Rigger Level 1 Manual

In the manual of the NCCCO Rigger Level 1, there are requirements for the rigger person, policies and procedures, information about different types of forms, etc.

NCCCO Signal Person Manual

In the manual of the NCCCO signal person, there are about the signals, common hand signals for controlling mobile cranes, requirements, and qualifications of the signal person, and information on voice signal communication.

NCCCO Certifications

NCCCO mobile crane operator certification requires passing two exams: core and specialty. For the core exam, you will have 90 minutes to answer 90 multiple-choice questions on general crane operations. There also consists of a specialty exam on fixed cab or swing cab crane types. This examination has 26 questions in 60 minutes. There also is a practical examination.

NCCCO Rigger (Level I) certification can be achieved after passing a written and practical exam. The written examination consists of 60 multiple choice questions with an allotted time of 60 minutes.

NCCCO signal person certification also requires passing a written and practical exam. In one hour, you have to answer 60 questions to pass the written examination portion.

NCCCO Study Guides

Total Equipment Training offers NCCCO study material to help you prepare for NCCCO certification. You can purchase downloadable, easy-to-read comprehensive study manuals. The manuals include practice tests with answer keys. The NCCCO study guide for Mobile Crane Operators even includes specialty practice exams and load charts with answer keys.

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