What Does a Crane Operator Do?

crane operator
Are you interested in becoming a crane operator? Not sure what a crane operator actually does. As a crane operator, your duties may typically include: Performing daily pre-operation inspections Performing minor crane maintenance and repairs Using levers, foot pedals, or wheels to control the equipment Operates a crane to move…

What is a safety training program?

Safety and Training Tips
When it comes to safety training, no matter what the industry happens to be, safety training is a must. Employers are in charge of making sure all of their employees have the proper training, which will help prevent accidents within the company. A safety training program takes you through the…

The Importance of a Rigger and Rigging

Industry News
In construction, safety is the number one priority, especially when lifting heavy objects and using heavy equipment. Using cranes and other equipment to lift and manipulate extremely heavy objects is the job of a qualified rigger. Having a qualified rigger on site is essential to everyone’s safety. What is the…