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Mobile Crane Operator Training

Heavy equipment operator training is critical for safety on any job site. If you are a heavy equipment operator in the United States, OSHA requires that you are trained and qualified to operate the piece of equipment you are working with. Whatever your industry, Total Equipment Training’s training programs are designed so that, once completed, both the employer and the operator have the knowledge to comply with OSHA’s regulations.

State and OSHA regulations for heavy equipment owners and operators are different depending on how you are covered under the General Industry Standard or the Construction Standard (which is more stringent). Additionally, some states have their own standards and regulations which need to be adhered to as well.

Total Equipment Training offers a variety of programs and we can train you and your employees on the skills you need to safely operate heavy equipment and meet state, OSHA, and government standards. We can help employers in industries such as construction, construction management, equipment management, and shop management.

How Long Does Heavy Equipment Operator Training Take?

The average length of time it takes to become a certified operator is eight weeks. If you’re participating in a hybrid program, the length may vary. Usually, half the training is hands-on and the other half is classroom instruction.

Total Equipment Training will send experienced instructors to your job site and train your operators on your own equipment, eliminating the need for any travel on your end and properly preparing your operators on the equipment they’ll actually be using.


heavy equipment operator trainingHeavy equipment can be dangerous without proper training on use and safety.  In addition, for each specific piece of equipment, the proper government and industry standards must be met. This process may seem daunting, but Total Equipment Training provides the instruction and guidance needed to safely and legally operate many kinds of heavy equipment that are required by employers. TET guides you through the certification process by bringing comprehensive and in-depth heavy equipment training to you at your site. This means each training is specifically tailored to your needs. We use your equipment and work at your pace.

Schedule Your Heavy Equipment Operator Training with Total Equipment Training

heavy equipment operator training by TET Total Equipment Training prepares your team to become safety conscious heavy equipment operators by teaching you the necessary skills and knowledge. 

  • Hand-on field training
  • Classroom activities (interactive computer training & written material)
  • Practical training
  • Hands-on evaluations by qualified instructors

By successfully completing one of our heavy equipment training programs, you will receive the corresponding “completion of program” certificate that OSHA recognizes. We offer a wider variety of heavy equipment operator training programs than our competitors, while still providing industry-leading training staff. Each training staff member has over 10 years of experience with the heavy equipment you choose to train on.


Our employees just completed the heavy equipment training program for mobile crane operation. I’m happy to report that all of our crane operators have now received their crane operator certificates, passing the exam with ease.  I would highly recommend Total Equipment Training for your heavy equipment operator training, especially if you need to meet OSHA requirements.

Crane Supervisor — Austin, TX

If your company needs training in almost any type of heavy equipment, I highly recommend Total Equipment Training.  We have used their instructors to train our operators on cranes, aerial platforms, riggers and signal person operations in order to pass the OSHA requirements. All programs included both classroom and hands-on training, and prepared our operators for their exams and obtain NCCCO operator Qualification.

Safety Director — Harrisburg, PA

If you are interested in completing a heavy equipment operator training program with us, visit our contact page to learn more and get a quote or you can call us at (610) 321-2679.