Onsite Heavy Equipment Training Programs

Onsite Heavy Equipment Training


Total Equipment Training proudly offers onsite heavy equipment training and certification customized for your specific needs. Our program provides your operators with the skills and knowledge required by OSHA to operate your equipment safely and proficiently.

Whether your operators are novices or experienced, training is required and essential. Total Equipment Training has some of the most qualified instructors to teach operator training, safety, and inspection courses. Our approach is to work with the experience level of your operators, on your machines, and at your worksite. Us coming to you is beneficial to your operators who will be working on the equipment they are familiar with and results in cost savings to you as the employer by not having to send your employees offsite for training. This results in less downtime for your employees and training that can be customized specifically to your site.


Our onsite programs begin with essential concepts so your crew has an understanding of how your equipment will function in various situations. Next, we prepare your crew with hands-on training on your heavy equipment with an emphasis on safety procedures, operational techniques, mechanics of your machines, and the importance of following procedures. In this way, your new hires and experienced crew members are all trained to follow the same procedures and will meet certification requirements. If you operate heavy equipment in the United States, OSHA requires that you are trained and have the knowledge to comply with OSHA’s regulations. Many states also have their own regulations, and our trainers will ensure that your crew has the knowledge to comply with any state regulations that apply. Total Equipment Training:

  • Has been in business for eighteen years with excellent references and reviews.
  • Has expert Trainers, well versed in regulations, inspections, equipment maintenance, and operational procedures, each with over 25 years of experience.
  • Has a combination of hands-on field training and classroom activities.
  • Offers our heavy equipment training programs with a completion-of-program certificate that OSHA recognizes.
  • Offers refresher training (required at least once every three years).
  • Has our trainers come to your facility and train your crew site specifically using your own equipment saving you money.

If you are interested in onsite heavy equipment training with us, visit our contact page to learn more and get a quote or you can call us at (610) 321-2679.