Looking to equip your San Antonio team with the skills to operate heavy machinery effectively? Our on-site training programs provide a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to train their workforce. From bulldozers and excavators to mobile cranes and signal persons. Total Equipment Training can tailor our program to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Our EXPERTS + Your San Antonio Worksite + Your Equipment

San Antonio Heavy Equipment Training for Company Operators

Empower your San Antonio heavy equipment operators with Total Equipment Training. Our in-person group training program offers a comprehensive solution for San Antonio companies seeking to:

  • Enhance Safety: Reduce accidents and potential OSHA fines by ensuring your San Antonio workforce possesses the proper certifications and skills.
  • Protect Your Employees: Build confidence and minimize injury risks for your San Antonio heavy equipment operators.
  • Safeguard Equipment and Assets: Foster safe operating practices, minimizing damage to valuable equipment and property in the San Antonio area.
  • Boost Productivity: Well-trained operators work more efficiently, leading to increased project output for your San Antonio business.
  • Maintain Compliance: Our programs align with the latest OSHA standards, ensuring your San Antonio company operates compliantly and avoids penalties.

Invest in the long-term success of your San Antonio business; schedule group training for heavy equipment operators.

Comprehensive On-Site Heavy Equipment Training in San Antonio

Total Equipment Training specializes in on-site training solutions designed to equip your Texas team with the skills and certifications they need to operate a wide range of heavy equipment safely. Our qualified trainer will come to your San Antonio worksite and train using your equipment on the following:

  • Articulating Knuckle Boom Crane Training: Learn about the precise control and versatility of knuckle boom cranes for efficient lifting and maneuvering in tight San Antonio workspaces.
  • Backhoe Loader Operator Training: Gain proficiency in operating backhoes and loader cranes, combining excavation, loading, and lifting capabilities in a single machine, ideal for many San Antonio construction projects.
  • OSHA Fall Protection Training: Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to work safely at heights, complying with OSHA fall protection standards, crucial for construction sites throughout San Antonio.
  • Excavation Training: Learn safe and proper trenching techniques for excavation equipment and worker safety during San Antonio construction projects.
  • Forklift Training: Train your San Antonio forklift operators to confidently and safely perform their duties.
  • MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) Training: Empower your San Antonio employees to work safely and productively at elevated heights using MEWPs (formerly known as AWPs).
  • Rigger Training: Safely learn proper planning, setting up, and signal lifting operations under the supervision of a certified crane operator, a vital role on San Antonio construction sites.
  • Skidsteer Training: Group training for skid steer operators in San Antonio to handle various tasks. Commonly used in landscaping, construction, and demolition projects across San Antonio.
  • Vacuum/Water Truck Training: In-Person company training to review the operation of vacuum and water trucks. Essential for utility work and environmental cleanup in San Antonio.

We offer additional training programs to meet your specific needs. Schedule your San Antonio company’s equipment training today to discuss your requirements and ensure your workforce has the necessary skills to succeed.

Why Choose Total Equipment Training for Your San Antonio Business?

Total Equipment Training prioritizes convenience and efficiency for San Antonio businesses looking to train their heavy equipment operators. Our experienced instructors (with over 60 years combined experience) travel directly to your location, saving you time and resources. EHS managers and heavy equipment companies seeking to enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety can benefit from our on-site training solutions.

Key benefits of our San Antonio on-site training solutions:

Training on your specific equipment ensures familiarity and reduces on-site confusion.

  • Minimized Disruption & Fostered Familiarity: On-site training keeps your workflow uninterrupted and allows operators to train on the equipment they’ll be using daily.
  • Dedicated Safety & Top-Notch Training: Our experienced instructors prioritize safety and provide comprehensive training programs.
  • Catered to Diverse Needs: We offer a wide range of programs, including mobile crane operator, rigger, signalperson training, and more.
  • Certification Preparation: We prepare operators for industry-recognized NCCCO qualifications.

Contact Total Equipment Training today to experience the difference in San Antonio!