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Were your organization’s cranes inspected within the last year? If you’re unsure of the answer to that question, then you could be putting your organization at the risk of costly fines and, worse, your employees’ wellbeing at danger.


According to Maryland’s OSHA crane inspection guidelines, all cranes in the state of Maryland must be inspected at least once a year by a qualified crane inspector. If your crew is operating a crane that hasn’t been inspected within the past year, then you are out of compliance. In other words, you’re likely to get a number of fines and penalties that could potentially shut your job site down.

Operating cranes without an annual inspection puts the safety of your crew at risk. It could also put your equipment in danger of problems that could be easily found and fixed with routine inspections from a trained professional.

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Our Maryland Crane Inspection Services

Your Partner in Crane Safety

Our comprehensive crane inspection services include:

  • Mobile Crane Inspections: We meticulously inspect all components of your mobile crane, ensuring its safe operation.
  • Overhead Crane Inspections: Our qualified inspectors will assess your overhead crane’s functionality and adherence to safety regulations.
  • Crane Load Testing: We can perform load testing to verify your crane’s capacity and ensure it operates within its safe working limits.
  • Inspections of Related Equipment: Our services extend to beams, spreader bars, and various hoists used in conjunction with cranes.

Ensure Safety and Compliance with Our Crane Inspection Services

Total Equipment Training’s team of professionals are qualified to inspect and approve a number of crane variations, including:

Regular crane inspections are crucial for maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring your equipment complies with regulations. Total Equipment Training’s team of qualified professionals can inspect and approve a variety of crane types, including:

Mobile Cranes: Boom Truck, Carry Deck, Dock Crane, Crawler Crane, Lattice Boom
Overhead Cranes: Gantry Crane, Jib Crane, Trolley Crane, Monorail, Bridge Crane
We also offer crane load testing and inspections for hoists (manual chain hoist, electric chain hoist, air hoist), beams, and spreader bars.

The Benefits of Our Crane Inspection Services

Thorough inspections help identify potential issues with your cranes before they lead to accidents, injuries, or costly downtime. Our inspectors are highly trained and experienced in ensuring your equipment meets the safety standards set by ANSI/ASME B30.5 and other relevant regulations. While having yearly crane inspections may seem as though it could be a daunting task, it should not be a huge burden on your organization. Crane inspections from Total Equipment Training offer unique benefits compared to other crane inspection companies. These benefits include:

  • Compliance with ANSI/ASME B30.5 standards for crane inspections
  • On-site inspections can be scheduled at a time that does not interrupt your organization’s production
  • Thorough inspection and maintenance saves time and money
  • Minor problems can be corrected following inspections before they turn into significant equipment breakdowns
  • Lowers your overall cost of crane ownership
  • Free Heavy Equipment Inspection FormsIn addition to our crane inspection services, we’re pleased to offer free downloadable inspection forms for various types of heavy equipment:

    • Mobile Crane Inspection Form
    • MEWP and AWP Inspection Form
    • Backhoe Inspection Form
    • Forklift Inspection Form
    • Overhead Crane Inspection Form

Convenient On-Site Crane Inspection Across Maryland

As a leader in heavy equipment operator training and inspection services for over ten years, Total Equipment Training specializes in annual crane inspection services in Maryland. Our team of experienced heavy equipment professionals use an extensive crane inspection checklist and the latest technology in order to provide a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your organization’s cranes.

Our company is headquartered just north of Maryland, which allows us to quickly send our qualified crane inspectors to your job site across Maryland. Whether you’re in Baltimore, Annapolis, Dundalk, Fredrick, Glen Burnie, or somewhere in between, we can come directly to your job site. Perhaps the best part of our crane inspection services is the fact that we work onsite. This means there is no need for you to lose valuable operation time by shipping your crane out for inspection.

Once your equipment clears our comprehensive crane inspection, you can get back to work knowing your machine is up to OSHA standards and your crew is safe to do what they do best.