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On-Site Crane Inspection Services in New Jersey

Operating cranes in New Jersey requires commitment to safety and regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive on-site NJ crane inspection services meticulously scrutinize every aspect of your equipment, from structural integrity to hydraulic systems, ensuring optimal performance and adherence to strict OSHA standards.

Our OSHA certified inspectors wield a wealth of experience to identify potential issues before they escalate into costly downtime or, worse, safety hazards. By partnering with Total Equipment Training, you gain invaluable peace of mind knowing your cranes are operating at peak efficiency while minimizing the risk of hefty fines and liability concerns.

Get a crane inspection in NJ:

Don’t gamble with your cranes or your business. Invest in the ultimate safeguard with our on-site crane inspection services in New Jersey. Contact us today to discuss your onsite heavy equipment inspection.


According to New Jersey OSHA crane inspection guidelines, all cranes must be inspected at least every 12 months by a qualified expert. If your crew is operating a crane that hasn’t been inspected within the past year, then you are out of compliance. In other words, you’re likely to get a number of fines and penalties that could potentially shut your job site down.

Operating cranes without an annual inspection puts the safety of your crew at risk. It could also put your equipment in danger of problems that could be easily found and fixed with routine inspections from a trained professional.

Don’t wait for a heavy equipment accident or a citation to act. Contact us today and schedule your comprehensive OSHA-compliant crane inspection. Your safety and compliance are our priorities.

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In addition to yearly crane inspections, OSHA requires frequent inspections to be performed a minimum of once a month. These regular monthly inspections should include a visual check of all hoist hooks, wire ropes/chains, proper reeving, hoist limit switch operation, checking all oil levels, lubrication all grease fittings, air or hydraulic systems, checking and adjusting all brakes, and an operational test. By performing preventive maintenance inspections, you’re not only remaining compliant with OSHA standards in the state of New Jersey, but you can also help prolong the life of your heavy equipment.


Total Equipment Training’s team of professionals are qualified to inspect and approve a number of crane variations, including:


Our reputation as an industry leader in heavy equipment operator training and inspections for over ten years speaks for itself. At Total Equipment Training, we have a team of expert professionals who specialize in annual crane inspection services. Using an extensive crane inspection checklist and the latest technology, our team will deliver a comprehensive examination of your heavy equipment.

Since our company is located just outside of New Jersey, we can quickly send our qualified crane inspectors to your location or job site. Whether you’re in Newark, Trenton, Clifton, Camden, Elizabeth, or somewhere in between, we come directly to your job site anywhere within the state. And because we work onsite, there is no need for you to lose valuable operation time by shipping your crane out for inspection.
Once your equipment clears our comprehensive crane inspection, you can get back to work knowing your machine is up to OSHA standards and your crew is safe to do what they do best.