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On-Site Crane Inspections in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Total Equipment Training: your one-stop resource for all things onsite crane inspections in Pennsylvania! Whether you’re a crane owner, operator, or project manager, staying informed about the latest regulations and finding qualified inspectors is crucial for ensuring a safe and productive work environment.

Our company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, so we are very familiar with local PA OSHA rules for crane inspections. As a heavy equipment operator training and inspection company in PA, we are more apt to accommodate you if you need more immediate scheduling.

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OSHA Crane Inspection Requirements in PA

Operating an uninspected crane is not only dangerous, but also a major compliance violation. You’re putting your workers, your project, and your entire business at risk. Penalties can be hefty, and in extreme cases, your job site could even be shut down.

Under Pennsylvania state law and Pennsylvania OSHA crane inspection guidelines, all cranes must be inspected at least every 12 months by a qualified crane inspector. This crucial safety measure helps prevent accidents, injuries, and costly downtime.

Don’t let a preventable oversight derail your progress! Make sure your PA crane meets inspection requirements by following these simple steps:

  1. Schedule an annual inspection with a qualified crane inspector certified by NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) or another accredited organization.
  2. Maintain detailed inspection records on-site and readily available for review.
  3. Familiarize yourself with OSHA 1910-1926 and ASME B30 standards to ensure your crane meets all safety regulations.

To inquire about our Pennsylvania crane inspection service and schedule a qualified PA crane inspector, please call our local staff: (610) 321-2679

Annual Crane Inspection Services for PA Job Sites

Total Equipment Training’s team of professionals are qualified to inspect and approve a number of crane variations, including:

Whether you require an initial crane inspection, regular or frequent crane inspections, or routine/annual crane inspection services, please contact qualified Pennsylvania crane inspectors at TET.

Convenient, On-site Crane Inspection Services

Stay Compliant, Stay Safe: On-Site Crane Inspections in PA

Don’t let outdated crane inspections jeopardize your business and your crew’s safety. Lapsed inspections invite hefty fines and, worse, potentially dangerous equipment. Total Equipment Training brings convenient, comprehensive crane inspections straight to your job site, serving Pennsylvania from Philly to Harrisburg and beyond.

Our experienced heavy equipment inspectors, armed with an extensive checklist, deliver a thorough examination of your crane equipment. No need to waste time and costs with shipping your crane off-site – we come to you, minimizing downtime and maximizing your productivity. Once your PA crane passes our inspection, you can breathe easy knowing you’re operating safely and in compliance with OSHA standards.

Choose peace of mind and choose experienced Total Equipment Training.