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Total Equipment Training takes pride in offering comprehensive training and testing services for both written and practical CCO examinations. Our trainers hold not only CCO certification in their respective classes but also serve as CCO examiners, possessing invaluable insights into the precise requirements for achieving your certification. Explore our CCO examination offerings, which encompass both written and practical exams.

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    CCO Certification Training With Total Equipment Training

    Total Equipment Training provides candidates with essential heavy equipment study materials, classroom preparation, mock practice tests, and practical experience using the actual crane and course employed in the CCO certification exam. For individuals or smaller companies, we offer “open” events, while for corporate training, we come to you. Testing employees on the equipment they use daily enhances their comfort and proficiency.

    Total Equipment Training’s CCO Certification Training Courses

    We offer CCO Certification training courses and exam prep testing for the following categories:

    1. Mobile Crane CCO Certification
    2. Telescopic Boom Cranes – Swing Cab Certification
    3. Telescopic Boom Cranes – Fixed Cab Certification
    4. Signal Person CCO Certification
    5. Rigger I CCO Certification

    Use the form above to be notified when there is an update. Corporate events require four weeks advanced notice if not currently a CCO testing site.

    CCO Certification Materials: Enhancing Your Preparation

    Total Equipment Training provides the necessary study materials, classroom training, and practical exercises for CCO Certification. We offer both training and testing for all CCO exams. Our study materials for heavy equipment operators can greatly assist candidates in preparing for their CCO certification. By starting with a preparatory class to gain confidence, candidates can proceed to thoroughly study the candidate handbook, which serves as the blueprint for the certification examination. Answering every question in the handbook and comprehensive study of load details is key to success. The written and practical exam outlines are available on their respective page.

    To discuss your specific training needs and schedule your testing, please call our office at (610) 321-2679.