Total Equipment Training’s Mobile Crane training program is done onsite in Ohio, so your company and its operators can comply with OSHA’s regulations.

Regulations for all state or public crane operators in Ohio include OSHA’s General Industry Standard (29 CFR 1910) or Construction Standard (29 CFR 1926) depending on the work you are doing.

Get Crane Training in Ohio

How to Become a Crane Operator in Ohio

The state of Ohio requires both a written and practical test on the type of crane being operated for every operator. Certifying agencies, such as NCCCO issue licenses upon successful written and practical examinations.

Mobile Crane Certification & Qualification in Ohio

In the same way, Ohio certifications for mobile crane operators also require a practical test from a certifying agency (see above).

Our On-Site Mobile Crane Operator Training Locations in Ohio

At Total Equipment Training, we offer on-site crane training and testing at your facility in Ohio and across the United States. Our qualified and knowledgeable instructors will travel to your locations in the Greater Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati areas for crane training, testing, and certification, which can be customized to meet your time, needs, and business objectives.

Crane Operator Training Near Me in Cleveland, OH

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Testimonials from clients who used Total Equipment Training in Ohio

To Whom It May Concern,

Total Equipment Training was extremely helpful to our organization when we need on-site mobile crane operator training for our Columbus, OH employees. Our organization has been working with Total Equipment Training for over five years and rely on them for all of NCCCO training and certification needs. Maintaining a safe and efficient work environment for our employees that is compliant with the standards for the state of Ohio is our top priority. Total Equipment Training has like minded goals for our organization and always goes above and beyond to make sure that our heavy equipment training fits both our employees and organization’s needs.

When you work with Total Equipment Training, you know that your employees are being trained and certified by the industry’s top crane operator trainers. Since they travel to our site in Columbus and use our equipment during the training programs, employees can easily translate their training from a classroom setting to the job site. I would highly recommend Total Equipment Training for all of your heavy equipment training needs.

All the Best,
Russ Johnston
Columbus, Ohio

As the Site Safety Manager for our Cincinnati, OH location, I just wanted to personally thank you and your outstanding mobile crane operator trainers for an excellent and engaging NCCCO certification training course.

While our company has worked with Total Equipment Training in the past, this was the first time conducting training with your organization for our Cincinnati office location. I was personally impressed with how professionally structured your training program was. As a result of your training program, we are pleased to inform you that we had a 100% success rate for our employee’s certification. Thank you for making our training, certification and application process simple.

I’m genuinely looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Don Burton
Cincinnati, OH

Contact us today or give us a call at (610) 321-2679 and our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the information you need and tailor an on-site crane operator training program to fit your needs and meet OSHA requirements in Ohio.