Dallas Crane Operator TrainingTotal Equipment Training provides on-site mobile crane operator training certification in the Dallas area at a cost-effective price. Our expert team not only guides you on how to operate mobile cranes but also helps you understand the principles of crane operation and crane safety. We provide all things from application to certification so that you can easily become a successful mobile crane operator in Dallas.

How To Become Heavy Equipment Operator in Dallas

To become a heavy equipment operator you must have complete knowledge of equipment including certain certifications and licenses. You can easily learn how to operate heavy equipment by taking classroom lectures and practical exercises in Dallas. Also, you should have a license approved from the state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

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Dallas On-Site Mobile Crane Operator Training

The best thing about Total Equipment Training is that we provide on-site training at your location, using your equipment! Our OSHA qualified heavy equipment trainer will come to your worksite to give you and your team a complete mobile crane training program. Our technicians are flexible and can adjust timings according to your needs and business objectives so that you can easily complete your training sessions without missing any important task.

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How Much a Mobile Crane Operator in Dallas Can Earn

Thinking about becoming a Crane Operator in Dallas? If you love to work outside, then you may enjoy a career as a crane operator. Heavy Equipment Operator job opportunities are very good and, with experience, can earn a strong salary. To work as a crane operator, you should have certain months/years of experience along with a diploma or equivalent. Many reputed companies recruit crane operators frequently, too.

According to Salary.com, The average salary is $50,400, but depending on your experience and skills, you could earn anywhere from $44,683 to $58,925. Assuming you work 40 hours per week, this averages out to between $21.48$28.33 per hour. This data is as of December 27, 2023.

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Potential Benefits of a Dallas Crane Operator

High demand and competitive salary: The demand for skilled mobile crane operators is typically high due to the specialized nature of the role. This translates to competitive salaries, often exceeding the national average for construction workers.
Job security: With the consistent demand for mobile crane operators, job security is often good.
Career advancement opportunities: As operators gain experience and qualifications, they can progress to more senior positions or specialized roles, such as heavy equipment supervisors or instructors.
Variety and challenge: Mobile crane operators work on diverse projects across various industries, from construction and wind turbine installation to disaster relief and event rigging. This keeps the job interesting and challenging.
Hands-on and active work: Unlike desk jobs, mobile crane operators enjoy physically active work outdoors, operating powerful machinery and making a tangible impact on construction projects.
Paid training and certifications: Many companies provide training and certification programs for new and existing employees, enhancing their skills and marketability.
Health insurance and other benefits: Depending on the employer, mobile crane operators may be eligible for benefits packages including health insurance, dental insurance, and retirement plans.

It’s important to note that the specific benefits available will vary depending on the individual employer and the operator’s level of experience. However, the potential benefits listed above provide a good overview of what a career as a mobile crane operator can offer.

Dallas Crane Trainee Reviews

“I would like to thank Total Equipment Training for helping me to become a certified mobile training operator in Dallas. Your company trained me professionally, that’s why I passed my crane certification. Earlier, when I joined your training programs, I was nervous because I was unsure about my knowledge about operating heavy cranes. But after joining your training sessions, your instructor helped me build confidence and supported me during every step of training. You guys did a great job with everyone at our company, and I am satisfied with your services. Thank you very much! Really.”

Frank A. Allison – Dallas, TX

“I wanted to thank Total Equipment Training for the extremely informative class I attended last June. I gained both practical & theoretical knowledge of heavy cranes and safety measures to keep in mind when operating mobile cranes. Your experienced trainers and the ability to teach all of this information in on-site sessions is very impressive. With the help of you guys, I continue to make my career successfully as a mobile crane operator in Dallas. Once again, thanks for all the tips and tricks you taught me.”

Ricky M. Shaffer – Dallas, TX

“Thank you so much for the great experience during the on-site mobile training sessions in Dallas. With the help of knowledge and tips you provided, our staff was able to take the tests and pass them. Your certified trainers helped our staff and taught every single element of operating heavy cranes. Without your professional trainers, it would not have been possible for our staff to pass the NCCCO certification. The information was well presented and easy to understand. The instructions and actual hands-on training were beyond our expectations. We will contact you again for our future crane training needs.”

Chris K. Ridenour – Dallas, TX

“My name is Warren S. Quigley and I “graduated” from your program along with several of my co-workers.  We work fora local waste management company in Dallas. My duties here are transporting biodegradable waste (human waste) and I operate a front loader. I love my job and I earn more than enough to support my family. I thank you for giving me the training necessary for mobile crane operators in Dallas city. I enjoyed my training sessions as well as being hands on out in the field! I will give 10 out of 10 stars to your company and would recommend this corporate training to anyone with a staff operating heavy crane machines.”

Warren S. Quigley – Dallas, TX

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Total Equipment Training provides all the resources you’ll need for the heavy equipment industry. In addition to the best onsite crane training in Dallas, our website empowers your journey with an insightful heavy equipment blog for industry trends and expert tips. You can also sharpen your skills with comprehensive training manuals and videos and online heavy equipment courses. Test your knowledge with free practice tests for heavy equipment operators, ensuring you’re always on point.

Need help with crane inspections? Access our library of free heavy equipment inspection forms for smooth and efficient operations. These are just a taste of what awaits – explore further and discover the endless learning opportunities we’ve curated for you!

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