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Careers in heavy equipment can be very exciting as you have the opportunity to operate different types of equipment and machinery. Heavy equipment operator training is a good starting point for securing a good job. For many soon-to-be operators, the initial training is the way to get started in landing a job in heavy equipment operation.

Enrolling in a heavy equipment training program does require a time commitment though. Most training programs will last about eight to ten weeks. Whether you are new to the operation of heavy equipment, or you’re in need of freshening up your skills, heavy equipment operator training is a sound choice to make if you are entering or re-entering the construction field or any other type of position that requires its use.

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What Subjects Are Covered in Heavy Equipment Training?

The type of equipment that your employees need to be trained on will depend on your site-specific needs and the equipment operated. Total Equipment Training offers a number of heavy equipment training programs. Training for heavy equipment operation is critical not only for job function but also for general safety purposes and knowing the equipment. Topics or subjects covered include operation of the actual machinery and equipment, safety parameters, and intended function or use.

Below are a few of the training courses offered by Total Equipment Training:

  • Mobile Crane Operator Training
  • Frontend Loaders and Backhoes
  • Boom Truck Operator
  • Bulldozer
  • Rigger Training

Can I Do It Online or Do I Need to Visit a Heavy Equipment Training Classroom?

With Total Equipment Training, training is provided at your site so you don’t have to disrupt your employees. Our on-site training provides classroom training to go through OSHA and ASME safety standards of specific pieces of equipment, as well as, site-specific safety concerns. Following classroom training practical hands-on training takes place. Operators will be guided through pre-inspection, start-up, operation and shut down. Heavy equipment training culminates with a practical hands-on evaluation by the trainer.

We also offer a number of online heavy equipment training courses! Online courses are the perfect way to satisfy classroom obligations for training, refreshers or an introduction to training on specific pieces of equipment. The tests can even be used as a pre-employment knowledge exam to test an operators’ knowledge on the equipment. Online training can be used as a tool to assist employers in their due diligence of providing training. A practical evaluation is still required and must be on file to show the employee is qualified to operate the piece of equipment. Online training allows you to help keep your operation moving quickly from training mode back to actual work by utilizing downtime or after hours to assignments to complete classroom safety requirements.

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In addition to online classes, Total Equipment Training also offers study guides and training material. Below are some online heavy equipment training courses offered by Total Equipment Training:

  • Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Online Training
  • Bulldozer Online Training
  • Digger/Derrick Online Training
  • Mobile Crane Operator Online Training
  • NCCCO Mobile Crane Exam Prep Study Guide
  • Backhoe/Front End Loader Online Training
  • Boom Truck Operator Online Training
  • Forklift Operator Online Training
  • Overhead Crane Operator Online Training

What Is Included in Heavy Equipment Online Training Courses?

Our online training courses provide instructional text, images, narration, videos, animation and safety standards of specific pieces of equipment. Multiple-choice testing completes the course and a passing score provides evidence of the operators understanding and knowledge of the equipment.

Most online heavy equipment programs take about an hour. However, heavy equipment training length depends on the comprehensiveness of the course, the curriculum, as well as the skill level of the class.

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Heavy equipment operation is not a job to take lightly. There is quite a bit of training required to understand the job skills and safety requirements to operate such equipment. For employers, it’s important and necessary to ensure your employees are properly trained on the equipment itself.

Total Equipment Training offers a comprehensive heavy equipment training program for your employees. We thoroughly review the machinery, its operational use, as well as safety protocol. To line up your employees for training, contact us today at Total Equipment Training.

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As the owner of Total Equipment Training, Barb Fullman has been an active contributor to the heavy equipment training industry for over 23 years. Barb, a Penn State University graduate, is recognized as the highest ranking women-owned heavy equipment training business in the US. As a leading authority and provider of heavy equipment training, training manuals and tests based on OSHA Standards and Regulations, Total Equipment Trainings’ client list is composed of most of the Fortune 1000 companies focusing on energy, construction, heavy highway, and manufacturing.

Barb’s motto is “Stay safe, stay up to date”. She is committed to up-to-date & technically correct training, whether it is via in-person or through our library of online heavy equipment resources. With over 50 OSHA qualifying training topics to choose from with TET, the most popular heavy equipment training subjects are mobile cranes, NCCCO, all “dirt equipment”, rigging, crane inspections, and train-the-trainer.