How Much Does Heavy Equipment Operator Training Cost?

How much does heavy equipment operator training cost?

The cost of heavy equipment operator training will vary on many different factors. A typical training program will cost your organization anywhere between $4,000-$20,000 depending on location, equipment, etc.

Heavy equipment training provides both training of the equipment, as well as, in-depth safety tips and protocols. Contact Total Equipment Training to discuss your needs and come up with a plan that fits your budget.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training vs. Hiring an Instructor

For an organization investing that much time and cost into training, it’s important to get as much from the training as possible. Researching and finding the best training options for your crew is an important step in the training process.

An area to consider is deciding if hiring an instructor is a more feasible option than an actual heavy equipment operator training program. Total Equipment Training, for example, will provide on-site heavy equipment training that is customized for your organization and will ensure your crew has the knowledge to comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations.

Total Equipment Training’s customized onsite training vs. a basic generic training program will provide your organization with a better overall training experience. Total Equipment Training will come to your location and train on your equipment which helps cut down some of your overall costs, like travel and accommodations.

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Heavy Equipment Operator Training Online

While not common due to the hands-on nature of the equipment and the job, there are some online heavy equipment operator training resources available.

It is important to use a reputable source for your online heavy equipment operator training. If online training is your only option, thoroughly review the courses and programs to ensure they meet the criteria such as being accredited with NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators).

Most training models offer a hybrid model with a portion of the training handled with classroom instruction and a portion of actual hands-on training. Contact TET to discuss virtual heavy equipment training options.

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What Is Included in Heavy Equipment Operator Training?

There is no one heavy equipment curriculum that must be followed. Each heavy equipment operator training is going to have some unique customizations. In general, the things included in heavy equipment training for operators are safety reviews, an overview of the equipment, and basic operational procedures.

Email Total Equipment Training to learn about our OSHA and NCCCO certified heavy equipment training courses.

How Long is Heavy Equipment Operator Training?

Depending on the level of training you need, the heavy equipment operator training can take anywhere from three to eight weeks. The type of training that is needed will factor into the length of time for the training. For a personalized estimate on your needs, contact TET.

Additional Costs for Heavy Equipment Operator Certification

Additional costs for heavy equipment operator certification may add up pretty quick. In addition to the actual price tag of the training, additional costs to take into consideration when planning a heavy equipment training program are:

  • Third-party testing fees (NCCCO)
  • Travel and Accommodations
  • Supplies and Tools
  • Books or Training Material
  • And don’t forget to factor in lost wages for your crew. This should not be an overlooked as part of your overall cost.

Total Equipment Training for your Heavy Equipment Operator Training

Weigh the pros and cons of taking your crew to a training program vs. bringing an instructor onboard. Total Equipment Training provides instructors directly to your site. There are many added benefits to this including time and money saved on travel and cost, as well as the benefit of having a trained instructor at your site to train your crew on your own equipment.

The instructors at Total Equipment Training are the best in the business with a minimum of ten years of experience operating heavy construction equipment. The training is customized to your needs. With the skills, expertise, and overall experience, Total Equipment Training is the right fit for your heavy equipment training needs. Contact Total Equipment Training today.

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Barb’s motto is “Stay safe, stay up to date”. She is committed to up-to-date & technically correct training, whether it is via in-person or through our library of online heavy equipment resources. With over 50 OSHA qualifying training topics to choose from with TET, the most popular heavy equipment training subjects are mobile cranes, NCCCO, all “dirt equipment”, rigging, crane inspections, and train-the-trainer.