Practice Test for MEWP Training (formerly AWP / Aerial Work Platform Training)

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As of July, 2024, these Mobile Elevated Work Platforms practice tests questions have been recently updated. We encourage you and your operators to visit every six months, as we do our best to refresh our heavy equipment testing questions.

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What is the first thing you must do if a malfunction of the boom of scissor lift occurs?


Ground controls or manual descent may only be used?


What should always be shut and locked while working from the elevated platform?


In an emergency, what control set will override the platform?


What is a benefit of lift planning for MEWP operations?


When using a safety harness on a boom lift, the tether lanyard is attached from a designated location on the rail to:


How far must you stay away from electrical conductors?


Select the approved uses of a boom lift:


A manual controlled lowering level allows personnel to:


What are the typical MEWP selection errors made when matching the MEWP to the intended project?


What is the first attempt to make in a rescue situation when the primary controls stop responding?


What is the smallest blocking size that may be used under the outrigger float

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