(Level 1) Rigger Practice Test for CCO Certification

This FREE Rigger 1 Practice Test is your training ground for CCO certification glory! Dive in and gauge your preparedness before signing up for the real deal. Not only will you test your knowledge of critical rigging concepts, but you’ll also gain valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

Think of it as a sneak peek into the Rigger CCO exam, but without the pressure. Remember, practice makes perfect – and these questions are your stepping stones to confidently securing your Rigger Level 1 certification. So, take a deep breath, sharpen your focus, and let’s get started!

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What is a shock load?


Shackles of 150 ton or less shall have a design factor of:


When multiple sling legs are used, you should:


A turnbuckle with a closed eye on each end will have a rating of 100%. If we attach an end fitting which is open to either or both ends, the efficiency is:


Even though properly installed and used, a wire rope clip is only this efficient:


Rigging component parts are generally interchangeable between manufacturers.


When using an eye bolt in taped blind hole, how long must the threaded bolt be on the eye bolt?


What is the maximum included angle allowed on a hook?


What is the load angle factor when as sling is rigged at a 55 degree angle


Wire rope slings shall be removed from service if;


When using a choker hitch with a synthetic sling using a shackle, where would the pin of the shackle be placed in the hitch?


When do you use cribbing when you are jacking a load off the ground?


What would be the best choke hitch for a bundle of rebar?


Alloy chain slings shall be permanently removed from service if they are heated above?


Shouldered eye bolts shall only be loaded:


The length of an eye of a sling shall be at least how many times the width of a hook?


What is the OSHA standard that regulates slings?


Before a rigger can select the length and capacity of slings needed to lift a load, what two things must he know about the load?


Of the three basic hitch types (single vertical, choker, basket), which hitch provides the least amount of lifting capacity?


Taglines need only be used on loads which exceed 10,000 lbs.


In rigging triangle applications, the maximum included angle at the top, if a shackle is used would be:


In sheave applications, the D/d ratio is generally measured by:

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