Mobile Crane Operator

Specialized skills are required to operate heavy equipment and mobile cranes. In order to operate these machines, you must have a complete theoretical and practical knowledge of cranes. Total Equipment Training offers one of the best on-site heavy equipment operator training sessions in Indiana and teaches you everything from crane inspection, crane maintenance, crane setup, and operation. Our expert team helps you acquire skills and pass tests, in short, everything required to become a qualified mobile crane operator.

How to Become Mobile Crane Operator

To become a qualified mobile crane operator you must have a mobile crane operator license. You will also need a valid driver’s license, you need to be at least 18 years old, possess a high school diploma or the equivalent, and you must be good in health (a medical test may be required).

Finding the right mobile crane operator training school can be worth the extra research. With Total Equipment Training’s on-site training sessions, you will easily learn what’s needed for operating mobile cranes. Theoretical sessions and practical training are the two key components of the training course. You will spend most of your time in the field doing hands-on operation using your equipment.

Our On-Site Mobile Crane Operator Training Locations near Indiana

The best thing about Total Equipment Training is that we provide on-site training at your desired location/company. Whether you are in Lafayette, South Bend, Indianapolis, or elsewhere in IN, our trainer will arrive at your location ready to provide you with complete training on the operation of mobile cranes. Our trainers are flexible and can adjust their schedule according to your needs and business objectives so that you won’t miss important work or waste time.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Heavy Equipment Operator

  • High wages along with benefits such as healthcare insurance.
  • Retirement plans.
  • Incentives and cash bonuses for work completed on time.
  • Promotions based on your certifications and years of experiences.

Additionally, organization or companies may even offer you paid training.

How Much Can a Mobile Crane Operator in Indiana Earn?

The salary of a crane operator in Indiana varies and depends on your company location. It may also depend on the level of skill, size of crane being operated, and the years of experience you have. According to, some of the salaries offered in towns and cities (listed in alphabetical order below) in Indiana are as follows:

Anderson $58,895 Hammond $63,347
Bloomington $58,586 Indianapolis $61,840
Carmel $61,763 Lafayette $61,458
Elkhart $60,065 Mishawaka $59,213
Evansville $59,861 Muncie $58,666
Fishers $58,768 South Bend $59,213
Fort Wayne $59,207 Terre Haute $58,392
Gary $63,347 Vincennes $57,650
Greenwood $61,814

Voice of Our Clients

“I am happy to recommend Total Equipment Training to others seeking professional training for operating mobile cranes in Indiana. I had the pleasure of working with an expert trainer from TET and he taught me everything from basic to advanced operation in a fun way. … Never knew it could be fun again, lol.  Thanks for all the support you provided me during the training sessions out here in Bloomington, IN.”

Robert L. George – Indiana

“Total Equipment Training is one of the best on-site training companies for teaching heavy equipment operation. I took their class a few months ago and with the help of their trainer, I easily renewed my qualification for my hydraulic mobile crane. I use a Broderson IC80 in Gary, IN, small thing, but I like it. One point which I would like to mention is that the trainer who worked with our company was very friendly and guided our team through every step of training. Thanks for all!!”

Kevin J. Duckett – Indiana

Interested In Heavy Crane Operator Training in Indiana?

Call us today to learn more about the mobile crane, big or small, operator training in Indiana at (610) 321-2679.  Our knowledgeable team will provide you with the information to fit your needs, give you a free estimate, and meet OSHA requirements. It’s an easy one-stop shop.