Crane Operator Training Near Me in DelawareConstruction in West Virginia is growing rapidly and so is the demand for heavy equipment operator training as OSHA tightens regulations.  Construction companies need to quickly get heavy equipment operators trained and certified.  By requesting that the mobile crane operator training in West Virginia be done at your own location, on your equipment, around your schedule, you can enjoy the savings and benefits   You can also achieve peace of mind while assisting your mobile crane operators in their qualifications and skills test.  Total Equipment Training provides a complete training program for crane operation, delivered on your own familiar equipment, by our qualified trainers.

How to Become Mobile a Crane Operator in West Virginia 

To become a mobile crane operator in West Virginia, you must have a CCO certification card. Also, you have to pass the written and practical tests required to get those certifications. Total Equipment Training helps you become a certified crane operator by teaching you most everything you need to pass the crane operation exam. Everything is covered from handling the machines to safety measures.

May 2012 – Crane operators wanting to work in West Virginia still need to obtain CCO crane operator certification following the passage of a bill that maintains a decade-old state requirement.

The state also ruled that only accreditation of a certification body by the American National Standards Association (ANSI) is acceptable, dismissing an appeal by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) for “equivalency” status. The NCCCO mobile crane certification program is accredited by both ANSI and NCCA.

On April 2, 2012, West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin signed a bill designed to update the state’s existing crane operator licensure law to match approaching federal standards. H.B. 4422 received strong support in both houses of the state’s legislature and will become effective on June 8, 2012.

One of the biggest changes contained in the bill is the lowering of the maximum rated capacity threshold. Operators of cranes in construction with a maximum rated capacity above 2,000 lbs. are now required to obtain a state license. This is a significant reduction from the previous 10,000 lbs. and matches federal construction standards.

While the bill makes small but important changes to existing state law, it also serves to reiterate the state’s commitment to higher crane operator safety standards by maintaining the requirement for CCO certification as well as ANSI accreditation. Also retained are the provisions for applicants for the state license to pass the appropriate NCCCO written exams.”

Our On-Site Mobile Crane Operator Training Locations near West Virginia

Total Equipment Training offers on-site training to ensure that you won’t miss any important work. Our qualified trainer will visit your location and teach your crew about crane operations so that your crew can meet the certification requirement for heavy crane operators in West Virginia.

Requirements You Need to Meet to Become a Crane Operator

To become a crane operator, you must meet certain requirements –

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Be physically fit (may need to undergo medical exam)
  • Proper License and Certifications

These are general requirements, other qualifications and documents may be required.

Salary of a Mobile Crane Operator in West Virginia 

The salary of a crane operator depends on skill level, certifications and experience. According to (April, 3rd, 2019), the average salary of a heavy crane operator in West Virginia is $26.44 per hour. Crane operators can earn higher salaries depending on their certifications, skills and experience.

Voice of Our Clients

“We are very happy that we chose Total Equipment Training for our team’s mobile crane training and certifications in West Virginia. With the help of TET, we were able to meet all project deadlines and also meet the OSHA qualification requirements. I would highly recommend Total Equipment Training to anyone else looking for on-site crane training.  Thanks to your instructor who came to our site to teach crane operation and safety in an easy to learn and very hands-on method!”

Larry E. Sawyer – West Virginia

“We would like to thank Total Equipment Training for all your help in our crew’s crane certifications. We were looking for a company who would come to our site to train our crew on the equipment we use on our jobs. Our employees enjoyed the on-site training and the way it was delivered to us. This training was excellent and we feel our employees learned a lot of useful skills. Your training sessions not only got us ready for the certification exams but allowed us to increase productivity with some important tips you shared.”

Esteban H. Warren – West Virginia

Interested in Heavy Crane Operator Training in West Virginia?

Choose Total Equipment Training for your heavy crane operator training in West Virginia and efficiently get your crew certified as crane operators. Contact us today to get on-site training or give our office a call at (610) 321-2679 and our professional team will provide you with the information you need and tailor a session to fit your needs.