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Welcome to your Rigger 1 Practice Test. Take the test and find out how well prepared you are!

Welcome to your Rigger 1 Practice test Practice Test. Take the test and find out how well prepared you are!

1. When installing a shackle pin into a screw pin shackle you first hand tighten the pin and then?
2. What sling material shall not be used when acid conditions are present?
3. When laying a load down on the ground which has been rigged using two basket hitches, it is advisable to block or crib up under the load so the slings can be removed with no affects from crushing.
4. For improved load security, which hitch would be best?
5. What is the stress per sling leg when two slings are placed at a 30-degree horizontal sling angle to lift a 1,000 lb load?
6. When safe working loads are determined, they are based on _________ conditions.
7. There are three conditions that must be present for a 3-leg sling bridle to have equally tensioned legs: All aligns must be equidistant in length. All slings must be equidistant from each other. What is the third condition that must be met?
8. Which of the following is a mode of nonverbal communication?
9. A mesh sling should be discarded if any portion of the chain is worn by ______ percent or more.
10. When measuring fittings attached to a wire rope, the measurement is made from one outside edge of the fitting to the other.
11. The optimal sling angle is____.
12. The most useful general-purpose jack is the _____ jack.
13. Special custom design grabs, hooks, clamps, or other lifting accessories for such units as modular panels, prefabricated structures and similar materials shall be marked to indicate the safe working loads and shall be proof-tested prior to use to what percent of their rated load?
14. What is meant by design factor?
15. Wire mesh slings (ASME B 30.5) states that a wire mesh sling shall be taken out of service if:
16. The tension in the legs of a two-legged bridle assembly being used at a 30-degree angle is twice the tension of that of two single vertical legs lifting the same object.
17. What is the code of the sling that will be needed for a lift of 7,890 lbs. In a choke hitch using a synthetic web eye/eye sling?
18. Hooks, rings, oblong links, pear-shaped links, welded or mechanical coupling links or other attachments, when used with alloy steel chains, shall have a rated capacity:
19. Swivel hoist rings shall be tightened to:
20. Where should the saddle rest when using multiple U-bolt type cable clamps?
21. Wire rope clips used to fabricate slings shall be spaced properly, oriented correctly and ____ to the manufacturer’s specification
22. Oblong, ear-shaped and round welded links are required to be proof tested to how many times their rated capacity?
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