Mobile Crane Certification Manual For Exams
Hard Copy Book — General Knowledge


  • Hard copy bound manual that’s easy to read and comprehensive
  • General Knowledge Core Test (100 questions)
  • Technical Knowledge Test (66 questions)
  • Site Specific Test (42 questions)
  • Crane Load Chart Test (49 questions)
    • All answer keys for above tests
  • Practical Evaluation Test form for your operational hands-on use
  • Mobile Crane Inspection Checklist
  • OSHA current standards
  • Load Chart calculation explanations for TLL Swing Cab and TSS Fixed Cab

We highly recommend adding the Specialty Prep Practice Exams for Generic Telescopic Boom Cranes — see below

Mobile Crane Certification Manual for Exams Hard Copy Book
(General Knowledge) — $99

Core Exam Study Guide for CCO Certification
Download Version Study Guide — General Knowledge


  • Download of the easy to read and comprehensive digital manual (pdf format)
  • General Knowledge Core Test (300 questions with answer key)
    • General Knowledge Core
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Operational Guidelines
    • Site Specific
    • Crane Load Chart
  • Sample Test with answer key
  • Core Exam Outline
    • Site Specific
    • Operations
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Manufacturer’s Load Charts
  • Specialty Exam Outline
    • Set-up
    • Operations
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Manufacturer’s Load Charts
  • Mobile Crane and Overhead Hand Signal Cards
  • OSHA and ASME current information

We highly recommend adding your Specialty Prep Practice Exams for Generic Telescopic Boom Cranes — see below

Core Exam Study Guide for CCO Certification – Digital Download
(General Knowledge) — $89

Specialty Prep Practice Exams for CCO Certification
(Fixed and Swing Cab)

INCLUDED for each Specialty:

  • Specialty Practice Exam with answer key
  • Load chart with educational materials
  • Load Chart Practice Exam with answer key
Fixed Cab (TSS) Telescopic Boom Crane - CCO Generic — $35
Swing Cab (TLL) Telescopic Boom Crane – CCO Generic — $35
Fixed Cab (TSS) - Shuttlelift - general study pack — $28
Fixed Cab (TSS) - Manitex - general study pack — $28
Swing Cab (TLL) - Grove - general study pack — $28
Swing Cab (TLL) - Linkbelt - general study pack — $28

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CCO Mobile Crane Operator Exam (Written)

We are pleased to provide affordable and effective training options to help you successfully prepare for the CCO Mobile Crane Operator Written Exams. Our study materials for CCO exam prep come in a digital PDF format to download, as well as a hard copy version.

The Mobile Crane Operator CCO Written Exam consists of two parts in total.

  • The Core Exam – 90 question exam on general knowledge of crane operation
  • Specialty Exams – 26 question exam on crane types (fixed cab and/or swing cab) load charts.

Note: Candidates will need to choose one fixed and/or one swing cab option.

CCO Mobile Crane Operator Certification

Total Equipment Training, in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1400, offers mobile crane certification training through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (CCO) organization. The CCO certification is widely recognized by states and is often the preferred licensing option.

This certification is mandatory for crane operators in industries such as construction, with varying state-specific criteria for licensing. Our CCO Crane Certification classroom training includes the core exam, specialty knowledge, and load charts. This comprehensive program covers 4 key domains:

  1. Site focuses on understanding supporting surface capacity, proper use of equipment like mats, blocking, cribbing, and hazards like electric power lines.
  2. Operations delves into federal regulations, safety standards, rigging methods, and crane operation best practices.
  3. Technical Knowledge covers crane terminology, attachments, wire ropes, and load handling specifics.
  4. Load Charts explores load chart terminology and reading for specific specialties.

Practical training encompasses tasks such as pre-operational inspections and safe shutdown procedures, which are evaluated in the real-world crane operation skills assessment during the practical exam.

We also offer free mobile crane certification practice tests and study materials to support your preparation for the CCO Crane Certification examination. Contact us if you have any questions!

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One free digital wallet sized mobile crane hand signal pocket card and one free digital overhead crane hand signal pocket card. You can print out these cards as many times as you like. Share with friends and coworkers. Keep one handy for quick reference when needed in your crane directing duties. One set is a $12 value for each time you print them out..

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