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Signal Person Study Guide for CCO Certification — $55

Practice Exams

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Signal Person Pre-Test — $3.00
Signal Person Hand Motion Test — $3.00
Signal Person Qualification Safety Test — $4.75
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NCCCO Crane Signal Person Study Guide

Many states mandate OSHA signal person qualifications, exclusively acknowledging licenses obtained via CCO-certified providers like Total Equipment Training. We are proud to offer an affordable and effective training solution, including study materials in digital PDF format, to aid your preparations for the CCO Signal Person Written Exams.

Our Signal Person training for CCO Certification is structured around multiple-choice questions encompassing five signal domains:

  1. Covering hand signals
  2. Voice commands
  3. Fundamental crane operation knowledge
  4. Site-specific considerations
  5. Adherence to safety regulations and standards.

Successful CCO Signal Person certification involves passing both a written and practical examination. The written portion consists of 60 questions, completed within one hour, demonstrating your proficiency in signal operations and crane safety.

NCCCO Signal Person Certification

Total Equipment Training offers CCO Signal Person Certification training in response to the Department of Labor’s concern over crane-related fatalities, with as many as 82 reported annually, often attributed to wind or operator errors. To address these safety concerns, OSHA mandates the presence of a signal person in situations where the operator’s view is obstructed, and Total Equipment Training provides comprehensive training for this role.

The CCO Signal Person Certification program covers a broad range of topics and recognized nationwide, making it valuable for professionals working on various job sites. With CCO-certified examiners as trainers, the program equips signal persons with the knowledge and skills to pass both written and practical tests.

If you’re interested in enhancing your safety skills and earning CCO Signal Person Certification, Total Equipment Training is ready to address your training and testing needs, ensuring a safer work environment in crane operations. Contact us today for more information and to discuss your certification requirements.

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