The Advantages of On-Site Heavy Equipment Training

As a crucial portion of your business, equipment operators have the ability to make or break a job. On-site heavy equipment training provides a deeper level of understanding for your equipment operators that allow them to build their skills, avoid potential job site hazards, and even save you money. Learn how you can better prepare your equipment operators for an accident-free job, every time.

Benefits of On-Site Heavy Equipment Operator Training

  1.  Site Specifications
    When removing your heavy equipment operators from their job site, you prevent them from the potential of learning how to handle the endless hazards that are on the job site. From narrow roadways, and underground structures, to corrosive chemicals and blind spots, the only way to fully address issues such as these is with on-site heavy equipment training. Your expert trainer works directly with your equipment and job site to address any potential hazards that need to be taken into consideration and that may not be addressed off-site.
  2. Equipment SpecificationsOn-Site Forklift Operator Training in Baltimore, MD
    Your equipment is as unique as your business. With specific attachments, parameters, and features, your equipment may operate differently than equipment off-site. The difference could be small or big, but there is no way to be sure until you are operating it. By training your operators on the equipment they will be using on-site, they can better avoid the specific hazards related to your equipment, and keep themselves, and those around them, out of danger.
  3.  Use Not Abuse
    Equipment safety is a top priority; second priority is to maximize the life of your equipment. By providing on-site training, your equipment operators will gain proficiency in how to use your equipment correctly. They will learn how to properly operate and care for it to avoid abuse and to maintain it for years to come. Keeping equipment well maintained can help reduce the number of problems such as repairs and injuries/fatalities and can help you maximize your warranty coverage or potential resale value.

On-Site Heavy Equipment Training by Total Equipment Training

On-site heavy equipment training, provided by Total Equipment Training, will help to ensure a customized course designed with your operators’ skillsets top of mind and tailored to their strengths and weaknesses, on your job site, on your equipment, utilizing your features. With a record of zero OSHA recordable accidents and over 16 years of experience, we are committed to superior quality and results while serving as your reliable on-site heavy equipment training company. Contact us today to learn more about how you can better equip your operators for a safe job site.