The Signal Person Certification program offered by the National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is endorsed by Total Equipment Training. For the signal person training needed to become a Certified Signal Person, we provide CCO training and onsite signal person testing at your facility.

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CCO Practice Test for Signal Person Certification


According to the OSHA standard, each series of voice signals contain(s):


Working radius” is defined as the distance from the:


Crane operations must cease when thunder can be heard.


Which is not true? A signal person must:


Signals do not need to be given by and or voice.


Select the correct ASME B30.3 Standard Method Hand Signal that matches the illustration.


According to ASME B30.5, who must be present at the pre-lift meeting when using voice signals?


Three short audible “beeps” means the operator intends to _________________, when moving the crane.


Which of the following hand signals describes the OSHA Standard Method Hand Signal to lower the boom?


OSHA 1926.1401, A Dedicated Spotter must also have the qualifications of a(n):


According to ASME B30.23, the maximum allowed wind speed for suspended personnel platform operation is:


When signaling a tower crane which of the following is the most reliable?

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Signal Person Practice Tests

In the high-stakes world of heavy equipment, every move matters. That’s where the signal person emerges as the crucial behind-the-scenes hero. Acting as the eyes and ears for the operator, they guide massive cranes and rigs with precise hand signals, ensuring safety and accuracy in every lift. These FREE practice tests help your training to build confidence, identifies areas for improvement, and ultimately leads to flawless real-world performance.

If practice tests are not enough, Total Equipment Training offers online training courses for signal persons; as well as onsite training for companies looking to train an entire staff.

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