OSHA Confined Space Training- Total Equipment Training

OSHA Confined Space Training

Working within confined spaces is dangerous and challenging work. To help alleviate the risk, OSHA requires in-depth confined space training  for all workers who are either exposed to or have the potential of being exposed to the hazards of working within a confined space. Confined spaces can be found on job sites in many areas including manholes, pipelines, pits, silos, tanks, and storage bins.

Our on-site confined space training program is designed to protect authorized employees that will enter confined spaces and may be exposed to hazardous atmospheres and conditions. During our training program, employees will learn how to work with the limitations that these spaces present and identify hazardous conditions.

OSHA Confined Space Training Requirements

The OSHA confined space certification is required for all supervisors of confined space entry, all employees who enter or work within a confined space, and all individuals tasked with assisting with the entry into a confined space. Our on-site confined space training program satisfies the training requirements for the OSHA 29 CFR § 1910.146 Confined Spaces Standard. Specific topics covered in this training program include:

  • Purpose and objective
  • Definitions of confined spaces
  • Typical hazards in confined spaces
  • Controlling hazards
  • Ventilation programs
  • Permit programs
  • Atmospheric monitoring
  • Acceptable entry conditions
  • Entry person, attendant
  • Entry and rescue equipment
  • Entry procedures
  • Rescue procedures
  • Comprehensive class manual covering all of the OSHA standards and appendixes for the requested parts

Are Your Employees in Need of OSHA Confined Space Training? 

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