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Heavy Equipment Operator Training- NCCCO Rigger Training- Total Equipment Training


Effective November 2010, OSHA requires a signal person be present …

forklift training


Refresher training is required once every three years!



“Only trained persons shall operate aerial lifts” – OSHA 1910.67(c)


Total Equipment Training – NCCCO Practice Test

Welcome to your NCCCO Practice Test. Take the test and find out how well prepared you are!

1. What action does a signal person intend the operator to perform if he extends his arm at shoulder height, makes a fist with his hand, and sticks his thumb up?
2. According to ASME B30.5 mobile crane standard, how many randomly distributed broken wires, maximum, in rotation-resistant rope is cause for replacement of the rope?
3. Within what percentage of level does a telescopic boom crane have to be for the gross ratings in the load chart to remain valid?
4. According to the B30.5 mobile crane standard, it's OK for an operator to leave the cab of a crane with the engine running so long as:
5. If a bold line is shown on a load chart, the capacities below the line:
6. On duty cycle operations, such as skipping concrete, most manufacturers require a crane's load chart capacity to be reduced by:
7. A truck crane is set up on outriggers. The part of the load chart governed by stability is based on what percentage of the crane's capacity?
8. What is the OSHA regulation governing cranes in construction?
9. A crane is set up with 3 of its 4 outriggers fully extended and the fourth retracted. The capacity of the crane in this configuration will be found in the:
10. When lifting personnel, the total weight of the loaded personnel platform must not exceed what percentage of the rated capacity of the crane?
11. The tipping axis of a crawler crane:
12. If a jib's capacity is 5 tons, and the headache ball weighs 900 lbs, the net capacity load would be:
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