How to Become a NCCCO Certified Crane Operator

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How to Become a NCCCO Certified Crane Operator

How to Become a NCCCO Certified Crane Operator

A certification for mobile crane operation will allow you to operate a crane on building and construction sites. This job requires a significant amount of in-depth professional training. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about becoming a NCCCO certified mobile crane operator.

How do you become a NCCCO certified crane operator?

A NCCCO certified crane operator must:

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How much money can you expect to make as a certified crane operator?

According to Glassdoor, a crane operator makes $24 per hour.  However, ZipRecruiter reports an average of $35 per hour. In fact, there are widely ranging estimates of salary for a crane operator and these ranges are mostly based on location and the experience of the operator.

Are Crane Operators in demand?

Crane operators are in high demand!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an 8% growth rate is predicted between 2014 and 2024 for crane operator jobs.  This can be explained by the increase in high-tech infrastructure projects that require heavy lifting.

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Is being a crane operator dangerous?

Yes, being a crane operator is a hazardous job. There are many dangerous aspects of this job including electrical/power hazards, overloading, and falling materials.  All of these hazards can and should be managed through planning, preparation, extensive training, and safeguards.

Should I become a crane operator?

Being a crane operator is a career that requires a structured, responsible and detail-oriented person who has the ability to think fast. You must know your machine, the conditions of the jobsite and be aware of other people and machines. If you consider yourself responsible, realistic, and hands-on a career as a crane operator may be right for you!

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How can Total Equipment Training help you become a certified crane operator?

Total Equipment Training provides your employees with the training they need to pass both the written and practical NCCCO crane operator certification exams. We utilize a mix of classroom work and hands-on training, using your equipment.

Our trainers are experienced professionals who keep their training skills up to date by continuing their education. All of our trainers have at least ten years of in the field experience working with heavy construction equipment.

Contact us today for a quote and for more information on how to tailor a crane training program for your needs, skill levels, and equipment.