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Total Equipment Training – Mobile Crane Signal Person Practice Test

Welcome to your Mobile Crane Signal Person Practice Test. Take the test and find out how well prepared you are!

1. With your fingers closed and your thumb extended pointing toward the ground, this indicates what to the crane operator?
2. With both palms up and together, all fingers closed, and both thumbs extended pointing away from where your palms are touching indicates that the crane operator should?
3. Taking your fist and knocking the top of your head means
4. During all crane operations, ASME B30.5 states that communications shall be maintained
5. Boom deflection is created when upon lifting the load off of the ground
6. It is of critical importance that the hoist line/lines are _____ when the load leaves the ground
7. Quadrants of operation _____.
8. While moving a load, the signal person directing the lift shall see that
9. Prior to signaling crane operations, all signalpersons shall be tested by a qualified person and have demonstrated their qualifications in the following areas
10. Each voice signal shall contain three elements given in the following order
11. Who can issue a “stop” for crane operation?
12. If communications between the signal person and crane operator are interrupted:
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